What's it all about?


Practicing self investigation, I’d like to sum it up in one word, attention. Now, my attention is outward going practically non-stop because of custom and lifelong habit. This may have been going on for countless births, that is why it’s become natural for me to follow the mind’s liking to go towards objects and other interesting things.

Every thought drives my attention out, away from myself. Self investigation is a way to direct my attention back to the subject, to my own self, to the “I” and to find out from where this “I” arises and to follow it back to its source. Keeping my attention on the “I” will make it subside back to its source and eventually disappear. The sense of a separate individuality is thus lost and I can recognize my true nature, who I really am and who I have always been. Satcitananda-Being, Consciousness, Bliss. 


Music has always been very important to me. Actually, it’s been my whole life since I was a small boy. Listening to music from the radio channels in those day’s back in the 60’s and 70’s had a huge influence on me and how I write music as a singer-songwriter. Maybe the biggest influence as a singer has been the Motown era and gospel music.

During this time merged in music and the music business I found it difficult to combine my interest and love for spiritual matters. How to have both and not experience conflict between them. I am talking about the way music drives my attention outward away from myself. It has been a struggle for a long time but slowly I have excepted the fact that both music and spirituality can be enjoyed together.