Self-investigation and Christ


Christ as a figure is familiar with us and his and life is already in our culture. We know, or we think we know, his teachings, but actually Christ as a teacher has been mostly neglected nowadays and teachers and gurus are sought somewhere else. Why not bring Christ’s teachings to our days, because after all they are extremely modern and subtle in their meaning. No new teaching has really come after him that we’d need.

He brought the Kingdom of Heaven close to all of us.

Christ spoke with the voice of the one Eternal Being which is our true nature. We don’t know ourselves but Christ was fully consumed by the Light of the self, the ‘I am’ and we also can be filled by that Light. Advaita means ‘not two’, so it’s about oneness.

Christ also said; ’I and the Father are one’.  (John 10:30)

Christ and Advaita Vedanta

How to know our self and realize our real nature? How to truly understand what Christ meant by his teachings and words? We need a key or a method. Sri Ramana Maharshi has given us the practice of self-investigation and surrender.

With Ramana’s simple way of updating Advaita Vedanta’s core message ‘Tat twam asi’- ‘That though art’ into practice by telling us to direct our attention to our ‘I’ and sink into the source where it (seems) to arise, we will find there is no ‘I’, no separate self but only one being-consciousness like Christ claimed.

Christ and Ramana Maharshi

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